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Our goals

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Solar energy

Renewable energy is a great source to enable the reallocation of money from petroleum towards accessible health care


Access of health care for the poor

The Martimanti region is poverty ridden. Therefore, aid is necessary to lower the threshold for patients to access healthcare.

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Improving mother and child health

Our aim is to improve maternal, neonatal, and pediatric care by supporting  continuous education and reorganizing and hopefully rebuilding the wards.

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Improving reproductive and women's health

Abnormal uterine bleeding and menorrhagia are prevalent amongst women. Intra-uterine devices such as a Mirena can be used to help this.


Furthermore, there is a high incidence of teenage pregnancies. We aim to facilitate in the provision of sex education, birth control and antenatal counselling.


Continuous medical education

Through education our aim is to ensure self-sufficiency amongst health care workers and paramedical professionals. The focus lays on education in maternal and neonatal health care, alongside reproductive health and in all other fields where knowledge gaps exist.

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